Cities are woven into material and energy flows and stocks through specific technical and socio-economic processes of production and consumption articulated globally known as Urban Metabolism.

This makes cities salient sites for rethinking those processes and to redirect them toward increased circularity and environmental justice.

Only in Brussels Capital Region, 134 thousand tonnes of food are lost every year of the 900 thousand tonnes of incoming material and fuels, one fourth of which corresponds to agricultural products and foodstuffs.

In this article, Nadia Casabella (1010au) and Jan Denoo (Endeavour) aim to enrich the knowledge on the ground-level diversity of food aid by examining the project Collectmet by the NGO Cultureghem and the Food Bank of Brussels-Brabant.

The article frames the appearance of material practices and potential acts of citizenship to the confluence of food surpluses in the Brussels Region.